Anita Manitius

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Anita’s passion for the natural world and recreation has imbued her with a desire to contribute to thoughtful and sustainable design practices. Anita synthesizes this passion with the technical and analytical skills developed through her forestry and landscape architecture training to create visually compelling graphics and plans, making her an invaluable member of SE Group’s planning and design teams.


Anita joined SE Group in 2017. Her pursuit of landscape design and mountain planning was born from her love of being outside and extensive travels. Anita has lived, studied and visited several mountain resorts around the world. These experiences and connections provide her with invaluable insight in to the world of design, planning, and recreation.

Anita holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from John H. Daniels Faculty of Landscape, Architecture and Design from the University of Toronto, and a Bachelor of Science in Forestry in Natural Resources Conservation from the University of British Columbia.


  • Graphic Design
  • GIS Analysis
  • Site Planning and Design

Outside the Office

Anita grew up in Toronto, Ontario. As part of a family of travelers, a sense of adventure was ingrained into her life at an early age. She takes every opportunity to travel and enjoys exploring various landscapes through skiing, biking, camping, kayaking, hiking, and backpacking. She also enjoys embarking on culinary adventures—desserts are always welcome!