Ellie Wachtel

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Naturally inquisitive and quick to embrace a good challenge, Ellie is well suited to the role of a planner. She genuinely enjoys figuring out what makes a community tick, and helping them enact change in their own backyard. She is a keen observer and has the ability to connect the small details to the bigger picture—an invaluable contribution to the planning process and team.


Ellie joined SE Group in 2017 with an academic background that combined the humanities, environmental, and quantitative studies.
Ellie’s interest in planning grew while conducting research and public engagement for a river revitalization project. Using large-scale historical maps, she offered a spatial history that highlighted the impacts of past city planning to advocate for trails, parks, and corridor development along the river. Her experience includes mapping, community surveys, and blending natural and cultural histories.

Ellie has a Bachelor of Arts in Math and History from Williams College.

Outside the Office

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Ellie maintains a fierce loyalty to its sport teams. More importantly, she spent many formative years in the woods, lakes, and small towns of New England. A recent transplant to Colorado, she’s often found trail running, mountain biking, Nordic or alpine skiing, or just eating trail mix on top of a mountain. If inside, she enjoys poring over historical maps and cooking soup, ice cream, or anything that goes with maple syrup.