Gabby Voeller

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Gabby is a multi-faceted planner with a passion for helping clients solve the most complex problems facing their communities. She applies her broad technical and analytical skills to all aspects of community planning. Gabby approaches projects with a mind geared toward seeking out innovative and engaging solutions that move communities closer towards their vision and goals.


Working in both private and public sectors, Gabby has widespread knowledge and experience managing multi-modal transportation planning, community planning and development projects. She has authored environmental analyses and impact studies. Gabby joined the SE Group team early in 2016.

Gabby has a Master of Regional Planning from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Bates College.


  • Community Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Spatial Analysis + GIS
  • Land Use + Transportation Modeling
  • Community Engagement

Outside the Office

Gabby likes to spend her free time with her husband skiing, hiking, running, and biking the trails and mountains of Colorado. Related to these pursuits, she enjoys collecting both new and old maps of her native New England as well as of Colorado. She is also in over her head fixing up an old house, constantly involved in multiple projects. Active in advocating to make communities across Colorado more bicycle and pedestrian friendly, she often volunteers in efforts to this end.