Josee Stetich

Josee is a forward-thinking creative with a knack for seeing the big picture. Building off of her experience in the public and nonprofit sectors, as well as her equally scientific and philosophical education, Josee offers a well-rounded perspective to mountain planning. She is comfortable getting into the weeds, either in the literal sense while doing fieldwork or while brainstorming solutions for a client.

Josee sees the throughline of her experience as the consideration for how communities and landscapes can foster resilience while preserving what makes them unique, both ecologically and economically.


Josee joined SE Group in 2022 with a diverse set of experiences in the policy and planning sphere. She has lobbied on a state and national level for public lands and clean energy policy, guided small towns through vulnerability and resilience assessments, and created tools to support the working waterfront’s access to coastal resources. She also spent two years living in a remote town outside of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, giving her an appreciation for the balance between conservation and thoughtful development.

Josee has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Westminster College.

Areas of Expertise

  • Public Engagement
  • Policy Analysis
  • Land Use Planning
  • Technical Writing
  • Climate Resilience Planning

Outside the Office

Josee was born and raised along Utah’s Wasatch Front and, despite attempts to live elsewhere, it remains her home today. Equally happy in the city and the middle of nowhere, she appreciates running Salt Lake City’s urban foothills and wandering the Colorado Plateau’s quiet canyons. Her favorite way to enjoy the snow is skiing trees with good company. She’s usually toting her film camera while out and about, inspired by the color and texture of landscapes. Indoors, she’ll be perfecting her sourdough recipe and learning to weave tapestries on a loom. She enjoys the finer things in life, like fresh tomatoes and reading a book in the sun.