Kristen Carey

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Kristen is a driven and attentive planner. Her solid science background gives her the foundation to approach NEPA and planning projects with a critical eye. Approachable and knowledgeable, she is able to communicate technical information in relatable terms that inform both our clients and the public during the project engagement process. Focusing on the day-to-day project details to delivery timely products is her forte. Her technical writing, mapping, and graphics presentation capabilities are key elements of her projects.


Kristen has over seven years of technical fieldwork, research, and analysis experience. She has a strong technical background in the fields of geology and hydrology, coupled with scientific-based problem solving—all of which are essential for the successful completion of our resource-driven projects.

Kristen has a Master in Environmental Science from the University of Utah and a Bachelor of Arts in Geology from Middlebury College.


  • Environmental analysis
  • Geographic information systems
  • Public engagement

Outside the Office

Kristen grew up racing down the slopes of Midwest and Colorado, and eventually around the world. Through her passion for skiing, she developed a great appreciation for travel, the mountains and the environment. These values took her to Middlebury College, where she skied and studied environmental processes, and then ultimately back to Colorado where she continues to play in the mountains.

She can be found in the mountains throughout all four seasons skiing, mountain biking, hiking and enjoying the beautiful scenery. When not in the mountains, she loves to travel either back to her roots in Wisconsin or to experience new places and people.