Lilah Rosenfield

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Born and raised in the Mountain West, but with deep family roots in New England, Lilah understands the fundamental role that the mountains play in shaping the places, people, and communities that surround them. Lilah is passionate making the outdoors fun and accessible for all, and about ensuring that recreational communities are sustainable for generations to come.


Lilah brings to SE Group a depth of experience in both planning and guest services. Her education and experience in both public and private sector land use planning and analysis have made her an ideal advisor on any project, while a year of working in the recreational service industry provided a foundation for what makes for an excellent experience for both guests and employees.

Lilah is most passionate when it comes to the systems that help people move. Whether it be a lift network, public transit, or a system of mountain bike trails, she is dedicated in equal measure to the big picture and the small details to ensure that travel networks are well-integrated with their landscapes and constituent communities. You’ll often find her buried in trail maps or timetables, thinking carefully about the best way to increase their efficiency and sustainability.

Lilah has a Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Studies from Cornell University.

Areas of Expertise

  • Land Use and Land Ownerships Planning & Analysis
  • Transportation Modeling
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Guest Experience Planning


Outside the Office

Lilah is a consummate explorer and an avid learner. Off hours you’re just as likely to find her hitting the ski slopes or bike trails in Park City as you are to see her going on late night Wikipedia binges. After a long day of work or play, you might also find Lilah playing Cities Skylines or Snowtopia on the computer she built herself.