Lindsey Romaniello

Informed by her background in both archaeology and commercial agriculture, Lindsey brings a fresh perspective to planning at SE Group. Her list of planning-related interests is just as diverse: historic preservation, economic sustainability, and zoning code reform. But no matter the project, Lindsey approaches the process with optimism, enthusiasm, and a keen eye for the big picture. She has found that no two communities are the same and each planning effort can have major impacts – and that’s why she values detailed data and local knowledge to create forward-thinking solutions.


Lindsey has a strong public sector background and has worked as a planner for several municipalities in the Rocky Mountain west. During this time, she has focused on long-range planning and the implementation and creation of land use policy. She is currently a resident of Missoula, Montana and is the board secretary for the Montana Association of Planners.

Lindsey received her Master’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Arizona, where she focused her studies on gateway and amenity communities in the western United States.

Areas of Expertise

  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Public Engagement
  • Code Development
  • Cartography

Outside the Office

When she is away from the office, you can find Lindsey trail running with her two dogs or at the dance studio, where she teaches twice a week. She is also a huge foodie and loves working on food projects at home, such as making her own shoyu, miso, and hot sauce.