Mark Kane, APA

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Broad-based strategist. Shrewd tactician. Inventive community builder.

Mark helps communities defined by outdoor recreation, the rural lifestyle, and tourism unlock and maximize economic, environmental, aesthetic, and recreational character—and potential—through community and land use planning, permitting, and entitlement. Mark brings together deep community planning expertise; an intuitive and informed understanding of how to bring together diverse communities for long term consensus and gain; and a profound commitment to helping small communities find, articulate, tap into, and retain what makes them special.


He brings nearly 20 years of experience in environmental and land use planning and analysis to the SE Group team.

In addition, Mark often provides expert witness testimony and is a frequent speaker at conferences. He’s also a pioneer in the use of GIS, computer modeling, and digital technologies for both analysis and engagement, using these extensively in his work and engagement activities.

Mark has a Bachelor of Science, School of Natural Resources – Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont.


  • Regional and land use planning
  • Aesthetics and environmental impact analysis
  • Permitting and entitlement
  • Geographic information systems

Outside the Office

When not working, Mark is a bona fide 21st century “nerd”—enjoying all the outdoor splendor that New England offers, while also willingly succumbing to playing with Legos or reading the latest adventures of Captain America with his son. Mark is active with the cub scouts and helps lead a den of adventurous young boys on hikes and camping trips. He loves to garden, particularly vegetables, which, upon harvest, he cooks into something yummy. Mark lives in an 1830s restored farm house that he and his artist wife have spent nearly 20 years fixing up. They are both hopeful it will be done before they retire.