Melanie McKenzie

As a city kid who loves the outdoors, Melanie is fascinated by the intersection between the built and natural environments. In her role, she pays close attention to detail and seeks innovative solutions to complex challenges. She is dedicated to creating accessible recreational opportunities so that more people can appreciate the outdoors. With her interdisciplinary background, she is able to see problems from many perspectives, enabling her to find creative solutions.


Melanie joined SE Group in 2021 with a background in the natural and social sciences. Having served as a researcher on several teams, she has conducted research proposals, data and mapping analyses, and technical reports for various projects. She built her environmental knowledge as an undergraduate through air quality, transportation, waste management, and building efficiency analyses. Her five years of experience as an outdoor leader and ski instructor provide her with a strong grasp on the importance of recreation and community planning.

Melanie has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from Davidson College.


  • Environmental Analysis
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Technical Writing & Research
  • Community Engagement

Outside the Office

Melanie is a New York City native who loves to travel, experience new things, and get outside. When not at work, you can find her running, climbing, mountain biking, or trying new recreational pursuits with a friend. She also enjoys  watercolor painting , yoga, crosswords, and cooking. Melanie thinks food is one of the best ways to bring people together and loves sharing recipes with her friends and family. She has volunteered at community gardens and farms in several states and countries and hopes to build her own space for growing and sharing food one day. Until then, she is working on building her house plant inventory.