Noelle Gignoux

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With an analytical mind, a creative streak, and an affinity for small towns, Noelle enjoys the challenges of problem-solving for communities in unique landscapes. She is passionate about innovative community engagement efforts – finding new ways to meet people where they’re at while also pushing them to think outside the box – and excels at drawing out consensus and clarity when responding to a community’s needs.


Noelle joined SE Group in 2023 after working for the Grand County Planning and Zoning Department in Moab UT, where she specialized in affordable housing policy and supported long-range planning efforts for a community faced with rapid outdoor recreation and tourism-related growth.

Noelle has a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University in Science, Technology & International Affairs, concentrating in Energy and Environmental Policy.

Areas of Expertise

  • Affordable Housing Policy
  • Community Engagement
  • Technical Writing

Outside the Office

Noelle spends much of her time admiring all the big red rocks that Moab has to offer – climbing up them, biking by them, hiking through them, or looking down on them while skiing high in the mountains. She enjoys an impromptu dance party, sleeping outside, working on experimental sewing projects, and returning to her southern Vermont homeland to enjoy homemade maple syrup and views of the rolling green hills.