Reif Larsen

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Through his work as a landscape architect, Reif seeks to make the world a more memorable place for others. He places a high value on thoughtful and innovative design and recognizes that impacts on the built environment should be meaningful and sustainable. He is flexible, persistent, and driven to elevate the quality of his work by combining technical skills with lateral thinking.


Reif joined SE Group in 2018 after his college internship with the firm. He’s a new professional who brings a collaborative spirit and enthusiasm for high-quality design. His background in visual arts contributes strongly to his work as a designer.

Reif holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, during which he received an ASLA Student Honor Award.

Areas of Expertise

  • Site planning and design
  • Graphic design and representation
  • Concept design

Outside the Office

Reif grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His appreciation for both the outdoors and a vibrant, urban lifestyle led him to pursue his career as a landscape architect in Burlington, Vermont. He is an artist and a thinker, who balances his free time between outdoor adventures and creative pursuits such as music production and visual arts. He cooks a lot at home, and is very enthusiastic about Vermont’s eclectic, slow-food (and beverage) culture. You can win him over fairly easily with some Thai food and a good double IPA.