Travis Beck

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“What can we provide to this project to set it apart?”

Travis asks this question of himself and his team at every stage to constantly challenge the status quo and improve the results of all processes and projects with which he is involved. He is committed to fostering powerful working relationships and achieving project goals in an efficient manner. Travis has a deep understanding of public involvement and proven ability to engage interested individuals and organizations in unique ways. His uncommon dedication and forward-thinking leads to plans and analyses that effectively navigate challenging regulatory and politically charged landscapes.


With a background in environmental science and policy, Travis specializes in managing large, and often controversial, land management projects. Travis has organized and facilitated public meetings for complex and controversial projects at many mountain communities throughout the United States.
Travis has a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from The University of Kansas. He has served as a board member for several organizations around Summit County.


  • Strategic NEPA compliance
  • Endangered Species Act – Section 7
  • Master planning
  • Public engagement

Outside the Office

Travis enjoys getting out on the local mountain bike trails and volunteering within the community.