Ski Area / Mountain Resort Planning & Design


Gunstock Mountain Resort

SE Group has worked closely with the Gunstock team for over two decades, since the resort began active master planning initiatives. The focus of master planning efforts has shifted over time, in response to the implementation of improvements and the evolving nature of the industry and marketplace. The most recent  Master Plan (2011) recognizes the complexity of Gunstock’s year-round operations, and the many diverse needs to maintain and improve the mountain, guest service facilities, base area environs, adventure activities, Nordic skiing and the camping experience. 
The 2015 Project Implementation Strategy articulates the practical phasing of all projects identified in the 2011 Plan. The Strategy charts the evolution of Gunstock Mountain Resort, by focusing on projects that may be implemented in the near-term (3 to 5 years) as well as identifying longer-term projects (10 years). Through the Project Implementation Strategy process, each project has been evaluated and prioritized relative to experience-, operational-, or performance-based factors such as:
  • Provide significant improvements to the existing guest experience and resort services;
  • Correct an imbalance of resort capacity, especially if that imbalance is restricting potential revenue;
  • Add significant additional revenue and profit margin;
  • Build the attractiveness of the resort and contribute to visitation and length of stay; and
  • Address pressing maintenance needs.