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Underwood Property Vision Framework

In the spring of 2013 the City of South Burlington completed its first major purchase with the City’s Open Space Fund and acquired the Underwood Property, a former farm field that boasts outstanding natural resources and grand views of Lake Champlain.

From the date of purchase the City recognized the diverse potential of the property including active and passive recreational use, agriculture and local food production, natural resource conservation, community gathering, solar energy generation, and more. With a limited project budget, but deep commitment from the City Council to involve the citizens of South Burlington in establishing a vision for property, SE Group helped to develop a time and cost efficient Community Visioning Process for the project. Working with City staff from disparate departments and a nine-member volunteer Task Force, intentionally comprised of people with very different viewpoints.

The result is a truly unique vision for a community park, which seamlessly blends the three overarching themes that evolved throughout the process—natural resources, agriculture, and recreation. Unlike other more formal parks in the City, the community sought a less structured outdoor play space paired with working farm fields, and community event space. SE Group was honored to work with the community to craft such a unique vision.