The value of experience.

SE Group has been helping clients plan and design recreational experiences for 60 years.

In that time, we’ve worked on thousands of projects around the world. Those projects have been incredibly diverse from their vision and ambition, to where they’re located, to the kinds of environments in which they take place.

Best of all, they’ve given us not only a deep well of technical expertise, but a comprehensive knowledge of how to get things done.

Here’s what experience has taught us, and the wisdom that guides our work.


Strategy is a mindset. “Set it and forget it” doesn’t work: strategic thinking needs to be integrated into every decision. Always ask “why” before determining the what’s, the where’s and the how’s.

Complexity is inevitable.
Embrace it.

It seems complicated, and it is. And if it seems simple, it’s still complicated. Doing work that involves natural environments is hard. Natural and human systems are interconnected. The right solutions involve seeing, understanding, and picking apart those intricacies.

is born of experience.

Just because it worked before doesn’t mean it will work in the future; but just because it’s new and different doesn’t mean it’s the right answer, either. It takes wisdom to know what’s best.

builds respect.

Helping people enjoy the outdoors—through recreation and everything associated with it—is one of the most powerful ways to build respect for the natural environment. Make it easy to access, straightforward to understand, a joy to use and a moment to remember.

Lasting success
is the goal.

Success lies in considering sustainability in its broadest context as it pertains to the environment, business, operations, and even design. The challenge is in striking that balance and finding compromises you can live with. Take heart—it is possible.

bonds people to place.

Design elevates the human experience—it is not design for design’s sake. Simply looking good is not enough; relationships are created by experience, not Instagram moments. Small moments and gestures matter. Authenticity and uniqueness create identity—they should be celebrated.