This year, SE Group turns 60. For any firm, that’s a big number, and we’re humbled to have earned the trust of so many wonderful clients to reach this milestone. Thank you.

For us, this anniversary isn’t just about what we’ve done. It’s about what we’ve learned, and how we’re using it to move forward.

The value of our experience goes far beyond the know-how we’ve gained from thousands of projects. The real value is the wisdom that comes with it, and our proven ability to find the opportunities in rapid and continuous change.

We’re also celebrating another milestone. Ted Beeler, SE Group President for the last 20 years, will be stepping into the role of Principal Emeritus, passing the responsibility to Kent Sharp. Kent and our leadership team bring a breadth of knowledge and perspective from across the firm that informs the way we work, and the way we continue to evolve.

What will the next 5 years bring? What about 10? Whatever it is, we’ll be ready.

That’s the value of experience.