A group photo of the SE Group team in ski gear

At SE Group, we believe that outdoor recreation experiences enrich people’s lives and provide a foundation for thriving communities. Unsurprisingly, that permeates our company culture as well; we love getting outside! We are a company of hikers, skiers, bikers, and kayakers – but also gardeners, walkers, birdwatchers, picnickers, sketchers, rollerbladers, and canoers! That’s an important aspect of our love for the outdoors: we believe that it can (and should) be enjoyed in any and all forms, not just the “extreme” or “hardcore” ones.

A group photo of the SE Group team in summer

We have five core values at SE Group. These values are our “north star” and influence all of our decisions, from how we craft employee policies to how we strategize business development. They are:


Our highly collaborative, yet often independent, work environment only thrives because of the trust we have in one another.


We believe everyone deserves clear expectations for how, why, and where they are showing up for work.


We love our work! This enthusiasm unlocks something special, both for our teams and for our clients.


Being present at work means honestly grappling (and supporting) the fact that you have a life outside of it. Full stop!


If we see ourselves as the go-to experts for outdoor recreation planning and design, then it’s also our responsibility to be continuously investing in new ways of thinking.

While we have teams of highly specialized planners, analysts, and designers, we also believe it’s important for every team member to find their seat on the bus. That might mean you’re hired for one thing… and eventually move into an entirely different position based on your interests and skills! We’ve always said that, as a company, we only truly invest in one thing: people. And as long as you’ve got the passion and the commitment to the work you are doing, we’ll help you find a path that truly leverages your highest and best use.

What does this all come together to look like? You can expect to: laugh a lot; feel like the team has your back; be outside for a retreat; hear directly from the President on the direction of the company; talk about your ski plans at your next mentor check-in; and have honest conversations about how you’re showing up at work.