Our Team

photo of Kent Sharp
Kent Sharp President | CEO
(970) 550-6015 ksharp@segroup.com
photo of Chris Cushing
Chris Cushing Principal
(970) 550-6011 ccushing@segroup.com
photo of George Schmidt, CPA, CGMA
George Schmidt, CPA, CGMA Chief Financial Officer
(970) 550-6009 gschmidt@segroup.com
photo of Claire Humber, ASLA, PLA
Claire Humber, ASLA, PLA Director of Resort Planning
(802) 233-3067 chumber@segroup.com
photo of Mark Kane, APA, ASLA
Mark Kane, APA, ASLA Director of Community Planning
(802) 681-0868 mkane@segroup.com
photo of Travis Beck
Travis Beck Director of Environmental Services
(970) 550-6010 tbeck@segroup.com
photo of Adam Portz, ASLA, PLA
Adam Portz, ASLA, PLA Director of Design
802-777-7658 aportz@segroup.com
photo of Pete Williams
Pete Williams Director of Mountain Planning
(970) 550-6008 pwilliams@segroup.com
photo of Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith Senior Project Manager
(970) 550-6004 asmith@segroup.com
photo of Steve Putnam
Steve Putnam Senior Mountain Planner
(970) 550-6012 sputnam@segroup.com
photo of Drew Pollak-Bruce, CPRP
Drew Pollak-Bruce, CPRP Senior Recreation Planner
(802) 681-0866 dbruce@segroup.com
photo of Patrick Olstad, ASLA, PLA, LEED AP
Patrick Olstad, ASLA, PLA, LEED AP Senior Landscape Architect
(802) 681-0869 polstad@segroup.com
photo of Gabby Voeller, AICP
Gabby Voeller, AICP Senior Community Planner
(970) 550-6005 gvoeller@segroup.com
photo of Scott Prior
Scott Prior Senior Project Manager
(970) 550-6014 sprior@segroup.com
photo of Kristen Carey
Kristen Carey Senior Analyst + Planner
(970) 550-6003 kcarey@segroup.com
photo of Mitch Lefevre, PLA
Mitch Lefevre, PLA Associate Mountain Planner
(802) 681-0874 mlefevre@segroup.com
photo of Tom Hand, ASLA, PLA
Tom Hand, ASLA, PLA Associate Landscape Architect
(802) 735-1274 thand@segroup.com
photo of David Chodounsky
David Chodounsky Associate Mountain Planner
(970) 550-6001 dchodounsky@segroup.com
photo of Ellie Wachtel
Ellie Wachtel Associate Analyst + Planner
(970) 550-6006 ewachtel@segroup.com
photo of Beau Doucette, ASLA, PLA
Beau Doucette, ASLA, PLA Associate Landscape Architect
(802) 681-0870 bdoucette@segroup.com
photo of Carolyn McShea
Carolyn McShea Associate Analyst + Planner
photo of Anita Manitius
Anita Manitius Mountain Planner
(970) 550-6007 amanitius@segroup.com
photo of Annaka Egan
Annaka Egan Associate Planner
photo of Jake Ferreira
Jake Ferreira Landscape Designer
photo of Eric Neumeyer
Eric Neumeyer Analyst + Planner
(970) 550-6019 eneumeyer@segroup.com
photo of Tyler Ford
Tyler Ford Analyst + Planner
(970) 550-6013 tford@segroup.com
photo of Ayden Eickhoff
Ayden Eickhoff Analyst + Planner
(802) 681-0872 aeickhoff@segroup.com
photo of Catherine Winnop
Catherine Winnop Analyst + Planner
photo of Melanie McKenzie
Melanie McKenzie Analyst + Planner
photo of Julia Randall
Julia Randall Analyst + Planner
photo of Elena Juodisius
Elena Juodisius Landscape Designer
802-449-4051 ejuodisius@segroup.com
photo of Caleb Weathers
Caleb Weathers Analyst + Planner
photo of Lilah Rosenfield
Lilah Rosenfield Planner
photo of Cameron Deamer-Phillips
Cameron Deamer-Phillips Communications & Business Development Strategist
(212) 729-1287 cdeamer@segroup.com
photo of Kirstin LaMonde
Kirstin LaMonde Business Development Coordinator
(802) 681-0873 klamonde@segroup.com
photo of Patti Callahan
Patti Callahan Graphic Designer
(970) 550-6017 pcallahan@segroup.com