Defining Summer Success

A chairlift in summer

The November 2023 issue of Ski Area Management (SAM) magazine features an article written by April Darrow and Claire Humber, SE Group’s Director of Resort Planning. The topic is “Defining Summer Success: when it comes to a successful organization, profit is only a piece of the puzzle.”

“What defines success for a resort’s summer operations? Claire Humber of SE Group posed this question to a few areas ahead of SAM’s Summer Ops Camp in September, where a session she led examined the topic further. It turns out that just as summer activ­ities, programs, and events vary be­tween operations, so do the goals and metrics that measure success.”

“It’s been an interesting journey to track how the industry has evolved (in defining operational success), and how the conversations have evolved,” says Humber. “No one has the same ski area, the same brand, or the same natural environment, so no one is going to have the same offerings. Not everyone is going to measure success in the same way.”

An event graphic

Click below to read the article. Click here to listen to Claire’s presentation on the SAM podcast.

Thanks to Olivia Rowan, April Darrow, and the rest of the team at SAM for sharing this conversation recorded at Summer Ops Camp 2023.