Arkansas River Corridor Master Plan

Cañon City, Colorado
A view of a park

In 2017 SE Group was retained by Cañon City to help prepare a master plan for the Arkansas River. As an important recreational asset, the City realized its land use policies and development patterns should be adjusted to improve public accessibility, strengthen the link between the River and Main Street and encourage new riverfront development that supports economic development.

Working with a team that included Mary Hart Design and Round River Consulting, SE Group led a public planning process to envision new development and recreational options in balance with riparian restoration and environmental stewardship goals. The efforts included a series of public meetings and workshops, close interaction with key stakeholder groups and the city. A 3D unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight early in the process acquired detailed 3D point cloud data for the corridor, helping establish the existing visual character providing an important base on which planning work could be undertaken.

The resulting plan (adopted in December 2017) includes a set of land use recommendations and design parameters to guide the City in future rezoning efforts. Illustrative plans, cross-sections and perspective drawings help communicate important attributes within new land use zones.