Downtown Revitalization and Streetscape

City of St. Albans, Vermont
A downtown area

Since 2008, SE Group has been working in the City of St. Albans on a number of important initiatives to help further the long-held vision of a more dynamic and enlivened urban space. Beginning first with a series of urban studies to explore options for adaptive reuse of vacant/under-utilized city-owned properties within the core, SE Group’s efforts have broadened to encompass complete redesign of portions of Main Street, Lake Street and the downtown’s interface with its central green, Taylor Park.

SE Group has worked hard to find a unique expression to St. Alban’s urban look and feel. The conceptual plans and design drawings are sensitive to the historic character, but don’t shy away from taking full advantage of modern technology (silva cells or urban forestry, bioswales, LED lighting). The wayfinding system promotes the overall community brand but engages residents and visitors in new and fun ways. Outdoor dining areas are integrated into the planning, enhancing street appeal.

These planning and design efforts for St. Albans have not only given the community a renewed sense of identity but have encouraged significant private-sector reinvestment. New and upgraded facades, new businesses and enhanced civil engagement have been spurred on by City’s diligent execution of its vision.