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National Forest Campground Projects

National Forest Foundation
A picnic bench at a campground

Under contact with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) and in coordination with the US Forest Service (USFS), SE Group was hired to lead the redesign of four campgrounds in Colorado on US Forest Service land. In collaboration with a local civil engineering firm, SE Group is developing construction level plans that will result in a total renovation for these campgrounds.

Although each of these campgrounds has its own specific site conditions and infrastructure issues (identified in the RFP), they share a great deal in common: aging infrastructure in need of replacement, campground designs that do not meet current accessibility standards, layouts that do not address the requirements of today’s campers (RV’s), negative ecological impacts, and increasing visitation from a broad demographic. With funding in place, this presents an exciting opportunity to construct new campgrounds and day-use facilities that will do a much better job of providing positive recreational experiences while protecting natural resources decades into the future.

Starting with an initial site assessment and program phase, SE Group then developed schematic level plans to confirm key design decisions. From there plans at various stages of development were developed, with the goal of putting projects out to bid in the winter of 2023. Critical to the process is developing detailed cost estimates and bid schedules, with alternatives identified, to provide flexibility for implementation.