Landscape Architecture Community Planning


Waterfront Access North – Skate Park/Bike Path Project

SE Group worked with the City of Burlington to turn the vacant Moran Power Generating facility on the shores of Lake Champlain into a vibrant mixed-use activity center. Amenities for the project include a new bike path and pedestrian promenade, skate park, and future community sailing center. Clean and simple detailing in the landscape design helped organize the project elements on this constrained site and turn small spaces into meaningful gathering spots.

In consideration of the project’s environmentally sensitive waterfront location and past industrial use, extra care was given to the environmental remediation of the site. SE Group partnered with Engineering Ventures to develop an integrated stormwater management plan, which includes a series of gravel wetlands incorporated into the site design to collect and treat stormwater from the parking and other hardscape areas such as the skate park. Through an anaerobic process and natural update of phosphorus by the native plant material, this innovative stormwater feature significantly reduces nutrient levels in the stormwater that enters Lake Champlain and improves the stormwater treatment beyond State requirements.